Formula LS 5W-40

100% synthetic lubricant for lubrication of gasoline or diesel engines equipped with direct injection, turbochargers and advanced exhaust systems such as NOx catalytic reduction systems and particulate filters.

The high stability of the lubricant film at varying temperatures and pressures, as well as the maintenance of its properties, allows for extended oil change intervals.

Fully synthetic lubricant, for gasoline and diesel passenger car engines equipped with direct injection, turbocompressors, and advanced exhaust gas aftertreatment devices, such as catalytic reduction systems of NOx and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

Its formulation, with high performance additives, makes this lubricant compliant with theLow SAPSspecifications: BMWLL04 and MB 229.51. A very low pourpoint of 45 Celsius makes it an ideal 5W40 oil for diesel passenger cars in cold climates.

This has been achieved with the presence of significant quantity of the true synthetic premium base Polyalphaolefin in its formulation, and not recurring to the usual pourpoint depressantscorrection fluidsso much the preference of some blenders out there for the sake of economy of costs.

Density at 15ºC, kg/l (D1298/D4052): 0,85

Viscosity Index (D2270): 168

Kinematic viscosity at 40º C, mm2/s (D445): 81

Kinematic viscosity at 100º C, mm2/s (D445): 13,4

Pour Point, ºC (D97): -45

Flash Point, ºC (D92): 247

Total Base Number, mgKOH/g (D2896): 8,0

  • ACEA C3
  • MB APPROVAL 229.51
  • MB APPROVAL 226.5
  • BMW LL04
  • GM dexos2
  • VW 502.00/505.01
  • RENAULT RN 0710/0700