Formula FE MH 0W-20

Top-of-the-range, 100% synthetic lubricant especially developed for American and Asian engines that require oil grade 0W20.

These engines feature automatic start-stop systems, requiring the use of a lubricant with a very low viscosity, in order to allow immediate lubrication of the engine at start-up.

This feature is particularly important in these equipment, where starters are more frequent. Also suitable for hybrid vehicles. It features exceptional fuel economy characteristics, and is thus classified as “super fuel economy”.

Fully synthetic lubricant, for diesel and gasoline passenger cars, with or without turbo-compressor, and equipped or not with after-treatment devices for exhaust gases.

Specially developed for the demands of new American and Asian smaller engines. These engines have a Stop and Go system, which requires a lubricant with a low viscosity grade, guaranteeing the full lubrication of the equipment at start up.

Due to the use of last generation friction modifiers and additives, this product complies with ILSAC GF-6A “Super Fuel Economy” and API SP, enabling a fuel saving of at least 3,4%, when compared with a 15W-40 lubricant.

It was also formulated to protect the engine against corrosion, when ethanol-containing fuels (up to 85% volume (E85)) are used.

SAE Grade: 0W-20

Density at 15ºC, kg/l (D1298/ D4052): 0.85

Viscosity Index (D2270): 162

Kinematic viscosity at 40º C, mm2/s (D445 ): 43

Kinematic viscosity at 100º C, mm2/s (D445): 8.1

Pour Point, ºC (D977): máx. -39

Flash Point, ºC (D92): 224

  • API SN Resource Conserving
  • GM dexos1 Gen3
  • Protection to rust and corrosion at low and high temperatures.
  • Excellent anti-wear protection.
  • Excellent lubricating film stability which maintains all its properties even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Low fuel and lubricant consumption.
  • High termal stability and protection against oxidation, avoiding the formation of sludge and varnish.
  • High compatibility with sealants.
  • High fluidity at low temperatures, thus providing a protective lubricant film on all engine components immediately after starting.